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Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique

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Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique Irmo SC is Your Trusted Pet Groomers

Your canine can say goodbye to bad hair days with high-end family pet grooming services. Let us introduce you to Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique in Irmo SC, where from the time you step into, your pup will be dealt with like royalty.

Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique in Irmo SC is one of the leading dog groomers in Irmo SC, offering pet grooming services.

You need to ask about all of the unique family pet grooming services available at Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique in Irmo SC to really treat your precious pet along with keeping its general well being and health.

Bath and Dry

Warm bath and gentle massage with shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for dogs, hand blow dry, finishing cologne.

Bath and Dry treatment is where your pet’s coat is thoroughly brushed and conditioned throughout the drying process. Usually, the Bath and Dry treatment includes hydro-wash hair shampoo and hair conditioner, flea rinse, ear cleaning, towel rub, and blow dry.

Please consult with your local fur baby groomer at Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique to make sure what is included in this bundle. Please note, if your pet dog has knots and severely matted coats, they may need special attention. Before starting a service we will discuss how to best manage the washing and grooming of your fur baby.

Full Pet Grooming

Warm bath and smooth massage using dog friendly shampoo and conditioner, hand blow dry, all over full body clip and hand scissoring, nail trim, ear trim and clean/ shave, finishing perfume and more.

Full Pet Grooming Appointment is essential and can be or on the phone by phoning +1 803-749-9090. Please call Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique for information on drop off and pick up times at 101 Ballentine Park Rd suite b, Irmo, SC.

Add on Pet Grooming Services

Talk with the pet groomers at Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique in Irmo SC about these additional pet grooming therapies for your fur baby and ratesfor these pet grooming treatments, which may be readily available:

  • Nail Trim & File
  • Ear Clean
  • Ear Pluck & Clean
  • Anal Glands Expression
  • Sanitary
  • Paw Shave
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Facial
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Feet Trim

Bows & Bandannas Dog Grooming and The Barktique in Irmo SC - Local Pet Groomers Irmo SC

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Things you Should Know Before Booking The Pet Grooming Service at Your Dog Groomers in Irmo SC

family pet grooming takes anywhere between 2-4 hours depending upon the size of your pet and how long back your family pet had the last pet grooming session. It is not a good idea to rush the pet grooming process as it not good for your canine’s well being.

If you must cancel or reschedule your pet grooming treatment, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid paying late cancellation cost.

All breed grooming fees will be validated by the fur baby groomer at drop off.

Usually, a dematting cost will be applied to matted coats on your pet. Additional charge may be applied for canines with tough temperament.

General Pet dog Advice for Family Pet Dog Owners in Irmo SC

Treating Hot Spots on Your Pet Dog

You need to visit your veterinarian for an exam as soon as you observe any kind of problem in your pet dog’s skin, or if your dog starts to excessively scratch, lick and/or chew areas on his hair. Your vet will certainly try to establish the source of hot spots. Whether it is a flea allergy, a rectal gland infection or tension, the underlying issue needs to be dealt with. Your veterinarian will suggest the care as well as medicines needed to make your dog much more comfy and enable the hot spots on your dogs to heal. This may consist of using an Elizabethan collar to maintain your canine from chewing and licking existing lesions.

Treatment may likewise include the following:

  • Removing the hair surrounding the sore, which permits air as well as medication to reach the wound
  • Cleansing the hot spot with a non-irritating solution
  • Prescription antibiotics and pain relievers
  • Medication to avoid and deal with bloodsuckers
  • Well balanced diet to help maintain healthy and balanced skin and also layer
  • Nutritional supplement consisting of necessary fats
  • Corticosteroids or antihistamines to control itching
  • Hypoallergenic diet for food allergic reactions
Stopping Hot Spots
  • Make sure your dog is groomed on a regular basis, and you might opt to maintain your family pet’s hair clipped short, especially throughout warmer months.
  • Follow a strict flea control program as suggested by your veterinarian.
  • To keep dullness as well as stress at bay, make certain your pet gets ample exercise as well as playtime with his human family members or canine friends.

Tips for Pet Parents in Irmo SC with Their Pet’s Skin Problems

Due to the fact that your pet dog’s skin is a reflection of her general health, it’s crucial to keep it in good form. When your dog has a skin problem, he or she may scratch, chew, and/or lick exceedingly. External parasites, infections, allergies, metabolic conditions, and tension, along with a combination of these, could be to fault.

To find out about, skin problems on your dogs or read below.

Check your pet’s ears and teeth initially, as these are frequently the source of germs that cause odour in family pets. Keeping your canine tidy by bathing him regularly might be all that is required to remove the smell.

When used based on the guidelines on the package, most dog fragrances are unlikely to be harmful to your family pet. Pet dogs with dermal allergies, on the other hand, might have skin pain, while those with nasal allergic reactions may be impacted by the odour. If you wish to utilize pooch perfume, follow the directions carefully and speak with a veterinarian if your dog has a history of allergic reactions.

Whether grooming is inefficient and your family pet continues to smell, visit your vet to identify if there is a hidden cause or condition.

Other skin issues on your pet include:

  • Drainage of blood or pus
  • Dry, flaky or otherwise inflamed skin
  • Hair loss, bald patches
  • Hot spots (one particular area where itching is extreme)
  • Lesions
  • Rashes
  • Soreness or inflammation
  • Round, scaly patches on the face and paws
  • Rubbing face against furniture or carpeting
  • Scabs
  • Scratching, licking or chewing at skin
  • Swellings, lumps or skin staining

You’ll desire to get your family pet used to the idea of having her teeth brushed. To do this, start by gently massaging her lips with your finger in a circling motion for 30 to 60 secs one or two times a day for a few weeks before proceeding to his teeth and gums.

After a few sessions or when your pooch seems comfortable, put a bit of dog-formulated tooth paste on her lips to get her used to the taste.

Next, present a toothbrush created especially for cats or pets

Tips on Eye Care for Pet Parents in Irmo SC

Did you know that you can provide routine eye care for your pet dog in your home? Regular home eye tests will ensure you’re conscious of any eye tearing, swelling, cloudiness, and health problems.

First, get your canine to sit and face a vibrantly lit area when examining their eyes. If healthy, they will be lit and clear, and the surrounding area to the eyeball will be white. The pupils need to be equally sized and there should not be any indications of tearing, crust, or discharge on the edges of their eyes.

To eliminate any gunk in their eyes, utilize a gentle wipe and a moist cotton ball. Cautiously wipe in the external direction from the corner of their eyes and ensure you don’t touch their eye itself. If your family pet frequently has runny eyes triggered from discharge, its recommended you seek medical attention from your local vet as they may have an infection.

Tips on Ear Care for Pet Parents in Irmo SC

During your routine grooming, your dogs’ ears ought to also be checked and cleaned up. This is specifically vital for dogs that produce substantial amounts of ear wax or have plenty of inner-ear hair. Nevertheless, don’t clean your canine’s ears frequently or too deep as it might cause infection, irritation, or trauma!

If your pet’s ears look unclean, clean them using either a cotton ball, piece of gauze dampened with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide or a liquid pet ear cleaner.

Carefully fold their ear back and clean away any noticeable gunk or earwax on the underside of their ear.

Ensure you raise away the grime instead of rubbing it inside the ear.

The skin inside the ear is extremely delicate, so if you are not sure of how to clean their ears safely it’s recommended you ask your veterinarian in the next check-up or look for video tutorials online.

Choosing Nail Clippers for Your Pet Dogs

There are typically two kinds of nail clippers for pet dogs: scissors or guillotine. They work similarly well, so just go with the style that you feel more comfortable using and handling.

Another tool is the nail grinder if your canine is not comfortable with either clipper types. It is an electrical tool that actually sands down pet nails. They use great control but take longer than regular clippers and some pets might find the vibration sounds to be frightening or undesirable. Ask your Irmo groomer for advice on what nail clipper will be most ideal for your canine and how to securely use them.

Tips on Paw Care for Pet Owners in Irmo SC

The pads on the soles of your pet’s feet give additional cushioning to protect their bones from shock, supply insulation, help walking, and safeguard tissue within their paw. It has multiple crucial purposes so it’s crucial to inspect your fur baby’s feet regularly and make certain they’re devoid of wounds, infections or foreign items that get stuck.

To make sure they’re in great condition, look out for particles, dirt, pebbles, and even little bits of damaged glass. If you find any splinters or debris, eliminate them carefully with tweezers. Next, you need to comb and trim the hair between their toes, making sure it’s even to prevent any painful matting.

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